Tournaments, Cocoa and One Wrong Move (Real Life)

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TOURNAMENTS, COCOA & ONE WRONG MOVE by Nancy Rue | Kirkus Reviews

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Bit like Jim Davidson: probably quite acceptable in the 80s, but now society has moved on and we have more than 1 million superior options, and as a result both are now less than pointless. For some reason, this video of Natalie Imbruglia doing this with Graham Norton was one of the most formative memories of my early adolescence — is this… my sexuality? Am I… horny for biscuits? The only biscuit that could feasibly unite the two opposing forces of Brexit. The Jammy Dodger has out-exceeded its birth. Because think: the Jammy Dodger is just two soft discs of shortbread sandwiched together with a resin-like circle of chewy jam.

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The Caramel Digestive deserves to have its skeleton displayed in a medical museum. It cannot — does not — fit comfortably into our world. The digestive was invented in The chocolate digestive was A gap, then the caramel digestive in By my calculation, in the year , a new, fourth digestive layer will be invented — edible glitter? Nobbles of honeycomb? The digestive is Charmander and the choccy dige is Charmeleon and the caramel digestive is Charizard.

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A woman with stumps for teeth and the reflection of her computer monitor on her glasses stares blurrily back at you. There he is again. Engine idling outside. Five minutes before you want to leave, as always. Three little beeps, bip—bip—bip. We can play it on the way to work, if you like! Fuck off, now. Nice but forgettable, like that guy at work drinks who corners you every Friday to tell you about "equity for punks".

Rich Teas are the answer to the question "what if we contoured a digestive", and should be treated as such: the harder, more robust cousin to the biscuit tin classic, a Rich Tea reminiscent of hospital visits and coach journeys and other British away-days where the air is warm and stale and your mum has bought a lunchbox. They are incrementally, by one atom, happier than ours. Can weirdly eat a whole packet of these in one go, though. Biscuits fit into an odd niche in the dietary pyramid — technically a sweet or "treat", as close to a food sin as anyone who prescribes to the idea might get, but also very much a self-forgiving one.

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Do you feel good? Also no. You have just consumed 2, calories without having an emotion. No other food on earth does this to you. Though admittedly a fan of the Wagon Wheel, I do also fundamentally feel that, as a biscuit-cum-lunchbox treat, it is trying too hard. Shortbread discs in a chocolate envelope: sure, gimme, put it in my gob. The ones with jam in them?

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Tournaments, Cocoa and One Wrong Move (Real Life) Tournaments, Cocoa and One Wrong Move (Real Life)
Tournaments, Cocoa and One Wrong Move (Real Life) Tournaments, Cocoa and One Wrong Move (Real Life)
Tournaments, Cocoa and One Wrong Move (Real Life) Tournaments, Cocoa and One Wrong Move (Real Life)
Tournaments, Cocoa and One Wrong Move (Real Life) Tournaments, Cocoa and One Wrong Move (Real Life)
Tournaments, Cocoa and One Wrong Move (Real Life) Tournaments, Cocoa and One Wrong Move (Real Life)
Tournaments, Cocoa and One Wrong Move (Real Life) Tournaments, Cocoa and One Wrong Move (Real Life)

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