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New Name or Meaning. Person retained in a cathedral to copy out music for the choir, and take care of the books. One who is in charge of a sacristy. A sexton.

Made saggars fired clay containers used to hold ceramic items in the kiln whilst firing. The Saggar Maker's Bottom Knocker was the saggar maker's assistant, usually a young boy, who was responsible for knocking clay into a large metal hoop using a huge flat mallet called a mawl, to form the bottom of the saggar.

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The saggar maker would then remove the hoop, and form the sides of the saggar onto the base - a much more skilled job than bottom-knocking testing for cracks by knocking. Some saggar-makers also had a frame filler, who did a very similar job to the bottom knocker, but prepared the clay to make the sides of the saggars, rather than the bottom. Collected urine and dung, used in the manufacture of saltpetre. In the Cutlery trade - cut the 'scales' of wood, bone or ivory that were used to make the handles on cutlery ie.

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Beat flax to extract the linen fibres. Scutching is the process of extracting linen fibres from flax stems, originally done by hand and later by machine. The Sea Fencibles were established by Order in Council in May to defend the coast from invasion; they comprised "all such of the inhabitants of the towns and villages of Great Britain as shall voluntarily offer themselves for the defence of the coast".

They were taught to use musket, pike and cannon. They were to assist in the manning of defensive positions Martello towers , plus coastal signal stations and eventually given small boats to patrol harbours.

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They were to be paid one shilling per day served. It was attractive to fishermen and the like as you were given immunity from being pressed into the Navy.

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They were organised into districts, commanded by Naval Officers. They grew to their maximum strength in , when there were over 23, of them and were disbanded at the end of the wars in Customs man today called a rummager - self descriptive who searched for contraband.

During the Plague, old women woere employed to diagnose the Plague from the buboes and count the dead to enable the compilation of Bills of Mortality, for which they were paid from 3 to 4 pence per corpse. Risky job!

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Self-acting Minder Self Actor Minder. The original Mule was hand operated and was invented by Samuel Crompton of Bolton in It was made self-acting by Richard Roberts in Representative of Royal office in a Shire.

Worked with an Iron Puddler , manipulating puddled balls of iron on an anvil. Moved - shunted - rolling stock around in railway yards to make up, and break down, goods trains. TAGS: Fashion. The factory is a few hundred meters yards from the Evros River, which forms Greece's natural border with Turkey. It is one of Europe's most heavily militarized areas, patrolled constantly to deter illegal immigration into the European Union.

Soufli, a once-booming silk factory town in Greece's remote northeastern Thrace region, saw its centuries-old tradition of silkworm rearing, weaving and dying nearly snuffed out during Greece's decade-long financial crisis.

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The town had already suffered a heavy blow when cheaper Chinese and Indian silk flooded the market in the s. The companies that managed to survive then were later finished off during the financial crisis that erupted in By , there were only two silk makers left in the town, eking out an existence by supplying small home furnishing stores. Yet seven years later, Mouhtaridis has few complaints. The company founded by his father in has been revived by Greece's resurgent fashion and luxury goods industry as well as by technology that helps small-scale producers.

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Craftspeople were scouted out in rural areas around Greece to make it happen, as the company sought to inject glamor to dying trades that typically struggled to connect with city dwellers.

The Silk Maker The Silk Maker
The Silk Maker The Silk Maker
The Silk Maker The Silk Maker
The Silk Maker The Silk Maker
The Silk Maker The Silk Maker
The Silk Maker The Silk Maker
The Silk Maker The Silk Maker
The Silk Maker The Silk Maker

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