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Teach them music. Solo and ensemble, especially, is an opportunity for this. Teach them how to get the most out of their practice time. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up! RSS - Posts. Next the keys are polished. Keys for inexpensive models may be placed in a tumbling machine, where friction and agitation of pellets in a revolving drum polish the pieces. More expensive keys may be buffed individually by being held against the rotating wheel of a polishing machine.

Some keys may be silver-plated, and then polished. After the clarinet is fully assembled, a worker checks the instrument for visual flaws, checks the action of the keys, and then play tests it. By playing it, the worker can note the tone quality, intonation, and action of the new instrument. The finished clarinet should be checked for precision tuning.

The clarinet's sounding A natural should be at cycles per second, and the other notes in tune with this. If the instrument has been manufactured according to a standard model, with care to exact diameters of bore and tone holes, it should play in tune automatically.

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It may be tested with an electronic tuner, and the diameters of the tone holes made larger by more reaming, if necessary. If tone holes are too large producing a flat note they may be filled with a layer of shellac. The wood of the clarinet body should not crack, and the action of the keys should be smooth and not too loud.

Ideally, the instrument should last for decades without warping, cracking, or any serious defect.

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  2. Clarinet Sales - Information - Accessories - Blog.
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Clarinet manufacturing itself is a fairly conservative industry, relying on highly skilled craftspeople who do much work by hand. Most of the innovations in clarinet design are now years old. One area that is still in flux, however, is the manufacture of clarinet reeds. While the best reeds are said to come from a species of cane grown in France, some players and makers are experimenting with wild cane that grows in California.

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Synthetic reeds have also been developed recently, and more research is being done to improve them. As sources of natural cane diminish, and overall quality is not high, synthetic reeds may be what most clarinet players use in the future. Rendall, F. The Clarinet.

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Norton, Robinson, Trevor. The Amateur Wind Instrument Maker. University of Massachusetts Press, Armato, Ben. Toggle navigation. Made How Volume 3 Clarinet Clarinet. There are two main clarinet key systems in use. Periodicals Armato, Ben.

Mozart's favorite

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  • Rosen, a Curtis graduate, has had a distinguished career since her solo debut with the Philadelphia Orchestra. Beethoven was still finding his mature voice, and the influence of Haydn shows here — including, in Op. The music is launched with a four-note phrase that indicates great confidence in getting right into the substance of what the composer wants to say, as if to tell us that he not only knows his own mind but has also already assimilated the most forward-looking music of his time. The un-miked sound of the players took a little bit of adjustment, but that was soon settled, and a very good time was had by performers and audience alike.

    Krzysztof Penderecki has one of those Polish first names that defies you to spell it. For about a decade, Penderecki was regarded as part of the European avant-garde, and his St. His work has been performed less frequently in the West since.

    This is unfortunate, for he has produced a varied and significant body of work including symphonies, concertos, and operas.

    The Seasoned Clarinetist The Seasoned Clarinetist
    The Seasoned Clarinetist The Seasoned Clarinetist
    The Seasoned Clarinetist The Seasoned Clarinetist
    The Seasoned Clarinetist The Seasoned Clarinetist
    The Seasoned Clarinetist The Seasoned Clarinetist
    The Seasoned Clarinetist The Seasoned Clarinetist
    The Seasoned Clarinetist The Seasoned Clarinetist
    The Seasoned Clarinetist The Seasoned Clarinetist
    The Seasoned Clarinetist

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