Ten Tales from Pondicherry: Contemporary Indian Fiction

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Here is the list of 15 Places To Visit Near Pondicherry For A Weekend Getaway

10 of the Best Indian Novels to Inspire Your Wanderlust

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But the pregnancy that results from this teen romance—and the subsequent cover-up—will have an impact that goes far beyond their youth.

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Jamie Morton looks up to see a striking man, the new minister. Charles Jacobs, along with his beautiful wife, will transform the local church…When tragedy strikes the Jacobs family, this charismatic preacher curses God, mocks all religious belief, and is banished from the shocked town. Two Indian actors of opposing sensibilities fall to earth, transformed into living symbols of what is angelic and evil.

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She has wild hair, sloppy clothes, a distracted air. She looks Indian, yet she is somehow not. But - and this is the trick they appear to have pulled off - it is not impersonal.

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There are butlers galore and nothing is too much trouble. If anything, we felt guilty when we stayed there that we weren't creating more work for our butler to do. The hotel has installed - and disguised - the arches you get at the exit to most highstreet shops. At the shops they make sure that you aren't pilfering; at the hotel, with your room keycard in your pocket, you walk through the doorway and behind a desk an impeccably turned out young man or woman will greet you by name. Their computer screen will have lit up with your name and room number as you walked past the electronic gizmo.

Clever, if a little disconcerting. French twist: Men throw petanque balls during a game of boules in Pondicherry. I am not a very technical person, but there are some other unbelievably neat touches. How often have you been in a strange hotel room and in the middle of the night crashed into the wardrobe, thinking it is the door to the bathroom? Or worse still, have you ever walked out of the room altogether only to find yourself now stranded in the corridor in the wee small hours?

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  4. At the Grand Chola, if you walk around your room at night, low-level lights illuminate the area where you're standing. For me though, the piece de resistance was an iPad in every room. If the bell to your room rings, rather than going to the door to see who is there - housekeeping, bed turning-down service - you look on your iPad. With the touch-screen you see who is there - and via the screen you can either open the door, or illuminate a 'do not disturb' sign outside. You also use the iPad to open and close your curtains, turn the lights on and off, adjust the room temperature, control the TV, order room service, and so on.

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    Chennai is the home of Indian classical dance - it is exhilarating, energetic and graceful. It was hot, noisy, feverish with excitement and full of razzmatazz, though I never did quite fathom why there were blonde cheerleaders there. Lord's it isn't. Chennai is also home to the automotive industry in India, and it is where they still make Royal Enfield motorcycles.

    You can even tour the factory. There are some truly astounding places to visit a short distance from Chennai.

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    Mamallapuram, about 40 miles south of the city, is a series of temples full of intricate carvings, built on the sands overlooking the Bay of Bengal. It is a Unesco World Heritage Site and spectacular - once that is you have navigated a path through the hawkers, beggars, snake-charmers, gypsies, would-be guides and others just wanting to gawp at you. Ditto Kanchipuram. This is also templetastic. It is considered to be one of the seven holiest sites for Hindus in India. Tied up together still, and surviving the storms of time, Tranquebar is the ultimate destinations for those who lose themselves, when it comes to History.

    Formerly known as Madras, Chennai is the fourth largest city in the country, and it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in South India. A city that has a rich cultural history, Chennai perfectly balances its heritage with its thriving modern lifestyle. Steeped in rich South-Indian culture, Chennai is a city that has a plethora of dimensions that one can explore, and regardless of where you go, the city has an old-world charm to it that refuses to be overshadowed.

    Located in the Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu, Chettinad showcases the rich heritage, striking art and grand architecture of the state.


    A writer’s journey from villages of Odisha to the quiet lanes of Pondy

    The word "Chetti" is a Sanskrit term meaning wealth. It is derived from the original traders of the region who dealt in salt and spices for marbles and other decorative items used in the construction of their properties. There is more to Chettinad other than just an exotic cuisine. It has an elaborately vibrant culture and an over the top extortionate township comprising of ridiculously opulent mansions, palatial homes, magnificent temples and fascinating museums. A town that offers a significant history adorned in its countless temples and ashrams, Thiruvannamalai is where Hindu Mythology takes the form of stunning architecture Distance From Pondicherry: A quaint little hill station located in Vellore, Yelagiri is just three hours away from Bangalore, making it the perfect spot for a quick weekend getaway.

    Spread a little over 30 square kilometres, and at a height of over metres above sea level, Yelagiri offers its tourists some beautiful places like the Jalagamparai falls, sweeping orchards and rose garden, among others. The ideal destination for nature lovers, Yelagiri is a town that is completely off the beaten tourist trail, lending it a quieter and much more peaceful vibe compared to other more famous hill stations nearby.


    Originally belonging to the Zamindar family of Yelagiri, the hill station began to gain popularity since the colonial rule, when it was used by the British as a summer getaway. Ever since then, it has been one of the hidden gems of South India, replete with rocky hills and natural scenic beauty, making it the perfect place to take a break from the fast-paced city life. On the Coromandel coast, kilometers south of Chennai in the district of Nagapattinam, it is said that years ago, the Virgin mother came to bless the land.

    Sandwiched between two great rivers of southern India, Cauvery and Arsala, Kumbakonam is a gorgeous temple town in the heart of the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. The town is a place for the lovers of history and those seeking to understand India's cultural roots and Hinduism. Nagapattinam is a town on the coastline of Bay of Bengal with major historical significance which is also a renowned pilgrim center with many temples, churches and mosques spread all over. Dhanushkodi is a small, sparsely populated beach town on the coast of Tamil Nadu. In the , Dhanushkodi was hit by one of the worst storms India has ever seen.

    Ever since then, Tamil Nadu has rebuilt this town to become one of the most unique and unusual beach towns of India.

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    Pondicherry is a tourist friendly town as lots of people are looking for weekend getaways near Pondicherry. A lot of tourists first visit Pondicherry and then combine top places near Pondicherry for a perfect short trip.

    Pondicherry, the Indian town where you'll find plenty of joie de vivre

    The destinations are attractive and popular. It offers its travellers a mix of tourist attractions ranging from Hill Stations to Lakes to Wildlife sanctuary. Places to visit near Pondicherry offer a quite retreat from the busy city lives. Some of them can even try the various picnic spots near Pondicherry which are rife with people every other weekend.

    Also get a taste of the local cuisines and festivals while visiting the best tourist places near Pondicherry. Places near Pondicherry has something for each kind of traveller that is why they attract domestic as well as international tourists all-round the year.

    Ten Tales from Pondicherry: Contemporary Indian Fiction Ten Tales from Pondicherry: Contemporary Indian Fiction
    Ten Tales from Pondicherry: Contemporary Indian Fiction Ten Tales from Pondicherry: Contemporary Indian Fiction
    Ten Tales from Pondicherry: Contemporary Indian Fiction Ten Tales from Pondicherry: Contemporary Indian Fiction
    Ten Tales from Pondicherry: Contemporary Indian Fiction Ten Tales from Pondicherry: Contemporary Indian Fiction
    Ten Tales from Pondicherry: Contemporary Indian Fiction Ten Tales from Pondicherry: Contemporary Indian Fiction
    Ten Tales from Pondicherry: Contemporary Indian Fiction Ten Tales from Pondicherry: Contemporary Indian Fiction
    Ten Tales from Pondicherry: Contemporary Indian Fiction Ten Tales from Pondicherry: Contemporary Indian Fiction

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