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While this might just seem like busy work, it is actually very important to have well-established standard operating procedures that all staff are up to date on. It helps ensure consistent quality throughout the kitchen. Make sure your staff are constantly reviewing these procedures and always do spot checks to make sure they are following every step. Nothing is worse than running out of key ingredients in the middle of the dinner rush. Avoid this embarrassment by having a good inventory system in place so you know when you need to restock.

Every business today is always searching for new ways technology can make them more profitable and efficient and the restaurant industry is no different. But remember sometimes old-fashioned human communication and skill is better. And when technology lags, nothing is quicker than having the wait staff communicate changes in orders directly to the kitchen staff.

You can always update the computer system later. It is more important to let the kitchen know as quickly as possible. To prevent bottlenecks from happening in the kitchen, make sure there are clear work spaces carved out in the kitchen for different duties. Also have separate areas for inventory to come in the door and for finished meals to go out to the customer. With smaller kitchen staffs this might not be as feasible, but try to find what works best for you.

The key is to make sure that the food stays safe and not contaminated and that staff are not all trying to use the same space and equipment at the same time. Cross-contamination of food is a serious concern for guests with food allergies. When creating out these work stations, evaluate if the chef will have everything he or she will need close by to do their job. For instance do they have easy access to a sink and the refrigerator?

Strategies: Start your own food business on the cheap

Are the ingredients they need easily at hand? Not having a clean, well-stocked kitchen at the start of a shift can really set back your chefs. Even simple things like knives that need to be sharpened could slow things down. Assign someone you trust to make sure all equipment is clean and in working order and that the kitchen is well-stocked with ingredients before the doors of the restaurant open.

While freshness of meal is vital and more and more people prefer made to order dishes, there is always certain preparations that can happen ahead of time to increase efficiency. For instance if you are making tacos, you can have the meat cooked and ready to go when the orders start coming in. Or you can have the potatoes peeled and cut up to make mashed potatoes. Of course, the most important ingredient for an efficient and successful kitchen is highly-skilled and hard-working staff. And for that you need to be willing to invest time and money in hiring and training the best kitchen crew possible.

If you show you staff that you want to help them be the best they can be in their job then they will work hard for you and remain loyal. Walk them through your menu, your production process, how you plan to hold time and temperature, and what third-party service providers you plan to use.

You want them on your side. You will want to research and secure a food distributor and supplier to deliver to your kitchen. While there are national brands, there may be some great local providers to consider, especially if you want to incorporate specialty or locally raised or grown food as a value add. Here is a quick list of the national providers. You are leveraging a technology platform that someone else built in order to connect with customers, receive online orders, and provide reliable delivery fulfillment. Remember that included in the service is the money you save finding customers and marketing your concept.

Instead, hungry people are coming to a digital marketplace and are able to find you. Many service providers will allow you to pay for additional visibility via banner ads and showing up at the top of the search rankings. When choosing a provider, you should find out who services your area and evaluate the average delivery times, reliability, and customer service. People have already compared several providers, so check out these articles from FoodDeliveryGuru , Modern Restaurant Management , Mel Magazine , and Fast Casual to decide for yourself.

Note that these delivery companies are competing with each other, so pricing may have changed. Check out their websites for the latest information:. The best advice for starting out is to keep it simple. Choose ingredients you can use in multiple items to decrease food costs and food waste. You should also do major testing before delivering anything to a paying client.

Starting a Food Business From Home | A How To Guide

Focus on quality food that travels well, holds temperature, and arrives as intended. Webstraunt has plenty of take-out container options to choose from. Ask your suppliers to send you samples so you can test them out with your food. Someone needs to write a blog on the innovation in delivery packaging and compare the best ones. Practice packing up your food and delivering it. Have a quality control person act as a liaison between the cook and the delivery service. Make sure to double and triple check the orders to include the right supplies napkins, utensils, sauces, sides, drinks, and desserts, etc.

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Another piece of advice to save money and waste is to make sauces, plasticware, napkins, and condiments available by request only at check out. Everyone has a messy drawer full of plastic spoons, salt and pepper packets, and ketchup packets that go unused. You might as well save yourself and your customers by letting folks opt-in. And do something memorable. Mints and fortune cookies are so overdone. What could you do to create a special experience that your customer will remember the next time they order food?

Handwritten note? Fun collectible? Delight your customers and build your brand.

Starting a Home-Based Food Business in California

Likely the most difficult part of starting a delivery-only restaurant will be building your clientele. Because there are no signs or locations to drive by and see accidentally, you will need to connect with customers in creative ways, including flyers, ads, word of mouth, events, etc. Post your menu offerings on a website. Have consistent and reliable hours so customers know when they can expect you to be available and can order the items they have grown to love. Be consistent and creative with how you use social media to build a following. And make sure you ask for reviews of your food.

Be responsive to your community and customers. Build rapport and build an audience.

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The best marketing you can get is still word of mouth. Listen to the feedback from your community and respond to their needs with a differentiation. Fill a gap. This is how you will find product-market fit. Are you ready to get started? In the coming months, we will be showcasing some companies that can help optimize your delivery only food concept. In the meantime keep us posted on your progress. The type of food you decide to make may well dictate the type of event you decide to work at, which will in turn inform your branding and marketing. You need to give people a reason to choose your business over another provider.

Take some time to diligently research your local market. What could you do better than others? Serving the business sector will predominantly involve lunches for business meetings and training courses cold sandwiches and other pre-cooked snacks , but may extend to business breakfasts and evening receptions, which could involve providing drinks and servers as well.

The major advantage with corporate clients is the opportunity for repeat business.

How to create a business plan for your catering company

They will remember you and call you whenever they need some catering. The food you serve to this sector will need to be good quality and freshly prepared, but since you will be preparing it at short notice, many times to several different businesses over the week, the gastronomic qualities of the food will not be the main concern. Your organisational skills may be more important than culinary expertise in this sector. Concentrating on the corporate market can be one of the fastest ways to grow your catering business until you have established yourself as the preferred supplier to a large client base of businesses. If you're considering corporate catering, you'll also want to consider things such as invoice payment terms, or even invoice factoring more on the costs of invoice factoring here , to ensure you don't have a gap in cashflow between needing to pay suppliers and waiting for payment from a client!

Alternatively, you could aim your catering service at the private sector. Predominately this will be catering for large family occasions such as weddings, funerals and birthday parties. To run this type of business will require good culinary skills, since the quality and range of your menu will be a major selling point, and you will have to be flexible enough to cater for any special requests from clients for their big day.

Think about offering extra services in order to stand out in the highly competitive private market. As long as you have the necessary space and facilities, your home can double up as the base for your catering operation. This will save the costs associated with renting premises and buying equipment. The explosion in street food businesses in the UK has led to the growing popularity of having a mobile food van at events. A mobile catering business gives you the freedom to go wherever the job takes you.

You can pitch your van up at anything from a week-long music festival, to a day event or even a wedding. Read more: How to start a street food business.

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Operating from a specially rented or purchased site will allow you to keep your home and work life separate. You will also have much more space for storage and large kitchen facilities and your business will seem like a more slick and professional offering to customers. There are plenty of fully-equipped professional kitchens available for rent in London and the UK so you can get started straight away.

Foodstars offers units specifically for caterers. Taking the time to write one will give you a solid plan of action and a mission to work towards. Your catering business plan will also act as a valuable document in proving the viability of your business to investors. Download our business plan template here to create the perfect plan for your business. Any business that involves serving food to the general public brings with it certain risks.

If you make, prepare or handle any meat or dairy products — unless it is for direct sale to consumers — you must have your premises approved by the council before you undertake any activity. If you are planning to sell or supply alcohol you will need to apply for a licence from your local authority. Find out everything you need to know about the licences you need to sell alcohol online here. As an ongoing part of your role, you will be responsible for ensuring that your catering company complies with food safety and hygiene regulations.

Failure to do so could result in a financial penalty or even a prison sentence. You can find a full list of your responsibilities here. The business premises: Should be clean and in good repair, with adequate drinking water, pest control, lighting, ventilation, lavatory, hand washing and drainage facilities. The room in which food is prepared: Should have surfaces that are easy to clean and disinfect including wall, floor and tabletop surfaces and should have adequate facilities for washing food and equipment, storing food and removing waste.

The food handlers: Should wear clean clothes and observe good personal hygiene. They should not smoke when preparing food and should be trained in all areas of food hygiene. Equipment, containers and vehicles used to transport food: Should be designed so that they can be easily cleaned and kept in good state of hygiene. Vans will often need to be refrigerated if transporting cooked food.

Food storage: Food and food waste should be immediately cleared from surfaces and stored in a closed-lid container. Temperature controls apply to dairy products, cooked products and prepared ready-to-eat uncooked food.

Run Your Kitchen As A Business Run Your Kitchen As A Business
Run Your Kitchen As A Business Run Your Kitchen As A Business
Run Your Kitchen As A Business Run Your Kitchen As A Business
Run Your Kitchen As A Business Run Your Kitchen As A Business
Run Your Kitchen As A Business Run Your Kitchen As A Business

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