Oriole Magic: The Os of 1983

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No matter the reason, utility players are a magnet for fan affection. Reboulet faced Johnson 21 times more than any other pitcher during his career, batting. He had two career home runs off of Johnson, matching his highest total against any one pitcher he also had two home runs off of Ricky Bones.

1983 World Series, Game 5: Orioles @ Phillies

Like Jeff Reboulet, McLemore made a brief return to the Orange and Black toward the end of his career, signing with the club as a free agent on Feb. McLemore was so popular during his later stint in Texas that the parents of a Houston Astros pitcher named their son after him.

Calling the Pen: A serious O’s fan with a sensational Series’ streak

Okay, not really. Triple Rene Adrian Gonzalez — You can say this about the guy: his average never dipped below the Mendoza line. For three seasons Gonzalez batted about. In the tradition of many great utility players, Gonzalez earned his keep with his glove rather than his bat. He has not, however, started singing religious songs in Spanish. When the dust cleared in Baltimore, a September crumbling saw the team missing October and letting go of a manager who ranks among the biggest titans in Boston sports history.

Game in may have been a delight for baseball fans just about everywhere else in the country, but it was momentously awful for Boston fans, most of whom had endured enough frowning from the Baseball Gods for one lifetime.

But if the last few paragraphs were tough for you to read, maybe you can take some comfort in the Baltimore faithful having something to cheer about, in what continues to be a nightmarish era for them. The revolutionary home of baseball in Baltimore is currently…and probably will be for at least another three to four years…the oldest in major league baseball to have never hosted a World Series. This is, for forty-something and older Orioles fans, something impossible to have conceived in the days of Palmer, Robinson, Murray, the young Ripken, and master button-pusher Earl Weaver.

The younger Orioles fan base…true loyalists who cannot fathom the concept of their team being competitive every season…has understandable antipathy for Red Sox fans that often take over their ballpark, especially in lean years. So pull for the Red Sox like a good traveling fan. But at least let the locals know how great their ballpark is. Not even for Red Sox games. So now is the time to take advantage and visit a beautiful ballpark where you could experience some reverse sticker shock after years of attending games at Fenway. There will likely be a third party markup for weekend games, and the Orioles website allows you to actually pick individual seats.

Oriole Magic: The O's of by Thom Loverro

So if you go this route, show up early and get your Eutaw stroll in to see the plates commemorating home runs that landed there, including two from David Ortiz. If your budget is limited, upper level seats at Oriole Park work just fine. That happened in a game in There are plenty of upscale hotels in downtown Baltimore, including the impressive Hilton across the street from the Yard.

walkdirroucon.tk Parking east of the ballpark also makes for a much easier in and out. Fenway Park features lobster poutine, lobster rolls, and lobster melts. Oriole Park has crab cakes, crab kettle chips, and crab waffle fries. Not a big adjustment for Massachusetts natives. In the lower level concourse, you can find a baseball-sized crab cake the Orioles tried about 50 recipes before hitting on the right one for it , kettle chips with crab meat piled on, or crab dip waffle fries that are worth grabbing a fork and sitting down to eat.

And pile on some Old Bay at the condiment stands. You can wrap this stuff and bring it in, incidentally. And like inside the ballpark, there will be enough Red Sox fans at the pre-game party that have your back. Speaking of libations…the establishments across the street continue to offer a brew that the Orioles amazingly do not sell inside the ballpark…National Bohemian, affectionately known as Natty Boh. How vital is the one-eyed Natty Boh logo to the Baltimore baseball experience?

When this team was consistently good yes, they really were once , it was the brand sold at Memorial Stadium…because the owner of the team happened to be the owner of National Bohemian. Maybe someday.

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One of the multitude of features the designers of Camden Yards got right was its location…in the heart of downtown Baltimore, just steps away from the beautiful Inner Harbor. Out of town visitors can enjoy a ballgame, a delightful pre- or post-game meal, and visit the top tourist attraction in the city in one day. It changed everything. It really did.

Oriole Magic: The Os of 1983 Oriole Magic: The Os of 1983
Oriole Magic: The Os of 1983 Oriole Magic: The Os of 1983
Oriole Magic: The Os of 1983 Oriole Magic: The Os of 1983
Oriole Magic: The Os of 1983 Oriole Magic: The Os of 1983
Oriole Magic: The Os of 1983 Oriole Magic: The Os of 1983
Oriole Magic: The Os of 1983 Oriole Magic: The Os of 1983

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