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Stories of Impact - A Series Highlighting Achievements in Disaster Risk Management Initiatives

How We Respond to Disasters When disaster strikes, Feeding America is on the ground and ready to provide food assistance and emergency supplies. Preparedness: The Feeding America network positions emergency food supplies throughout the country to distribute quickly in the event of disaster. Response: During a disaster, Feeding America leverages our nationwide network—including 10 million square feet of warehouse space and 2, trucks that are used every day to bring food to people in need. Recovery: Feeding America remains rooted in communities long after other disaster organizations have moved on.

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What does Dramatica tell us about the disaster genre? Answer: Dramatica doesn't attempt to be overly specific about genres. About the only thing that's fairly clear regarding disaster stories is that the driver is action. In other words, actions the unfolding disastrous events force people to make decisions in response. For instance, if you're using a four-act structure, you would make the turning point that begins each act an action which forces the story in a different direction, until the final resolution also an action.

Also, there's a lot of entertainment value from the awe inspiring situation of the disaster. Beyond that it's hard to generallize.

What makes a disaster?

Disaster is essentially a terrible situation - and situation is one of dramatica's four domains. In most disaster stories, situation is the domain for the overall story, with the characters concerned about solving their present survival before the situation drives them mad. The relationship throughline between the hero and love interest concerns Fixed Attitude.

Top 5 Craziest Natural Disaster Survival Stories - The Geeky Informant

In that case, while everyone is struggling to cope with the rapidly changing environment, the conflict in the key relationship will involve their butting heads because they have different but entrenched views. The main character may be pressured to play a role or become a different person in order to survive or save other' lives. In other disaster stories for instance, Titanic the overall story is Fixed Attitude - with all the characters pursuing their deep desires - while the relationship between Jack and Rose concerns how they cope with the situations they keep finding themselves together in.

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Beyond that, you can tell a wide range of stories using the disaster as a setting. Click here to add your own comments. It's easy to do.

How We Respond to Disasters

Simply click here to return to Questions About Novel Writing. Question: My story is set in a world where magic exists and is formally taught at schools.

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Everyone has mana in them. The power you have to make a huge difference in the life of someone else with a small, simple act. I feel like sharing my story has connected me with people that have gone through similar traumatic things, and it makes me feel less alone, and it makes them feel less alone. We have found what we can do together, and we know we can do even more things together.

I hope that people who visit will learn of the strength within my community in the face of disaster. We all probably have had different levels of trauma; we've all reacted to it differently.

Disaster Story Disaster Story
Disaster Story Disaster Story
Disaster Story Disaster Story
Disaster Story Disaster Story
Disaster Story Disaster Story

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