Changing Owens Mind (A Paranormals Love Book 3)

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You look incredible. If you can't find a man in that, then New York is completely devoid of straight men, Clara gasps - jaw unhinged, eyes still gaping. I roll my eyes as I stare into the full length mirror which is decking the wall of our extravagant suite. I know. That's why it's so frigging killer. You're a goddess in that outfit. I don't know if your dark locks have ever looked so good. Your hair pops against the red.

I don't want a man, I grumble while returning to her earlier wish. I sure as hell don't want a man from New York. Do you realize that sexually transmitted diseases are at an all time high? The men in this city are probably a cesspool for such. I wish you'd quit trying to get me infected. I roll my eyes at the anti-feminist remark Clara's friend - Jenny - makes. I have to keep my mouth shut though. The lavish surroundings we've spent the past few days in remind me of how wealthy Clara's soon-to-be-husband really is. The suite is embroidered with luxury. The decadent folds of fabric that sway from the full wall of windows leading to the wrap-around balcony probably cost more than my entire apartment combined with all of its contents.

Hell, the dining table we have yet to use probably cost more than my car. The group of girls glare at me with mocking disbelief. Clara joins them in their scowl, and I slump under their disapproving glower. Oh boy. I know that look.

Changing Owens Mind (A Paranormals Love Book 3)

I'm in trouble. Clara's third grade teacher face has emerged. She's about to speak to me like a nine-year-old from her class. I know you're not usually the social type, but this is my last weekend as a free woman. Henry has been too busy to have a bachelor party, so he's living vicariously through me. I'm not going to let him down by sitting in like a group of prudes. I want to enjoy my last night in New York with my very best friend since kindergarten. Please don't act so miserable.

Just have fun, for me. Well, that's not quite the scolding I was expecting. She went with total guilt trip instead. She's very good at chess, and she just moved the right piece to capture my queen. You're right. This is your weekend. I'll dance like a fool and enjoy the New York air for one last night, I mumble in defeat. Thank you. I wouldn't mind if you got laid while we're here. God knows you need to. She exaggerates an exhausted sigh, her mischievousness surfacing. I just giggle with my soon-to-be married friend. Then she places her hands firmly on my shoulders while staring into my eyes.

#SvaturaTour: Power or Love? SVATURA – Paranormal Romance Series by Abigail Owen

Tonight, you're not Aphrodisia Titan, which by the way could second as a stripper's stage name. Tonight, you're not an assistant to a ball-busting bitch for a marketing agency in Connecticut. Tonight, you're Alexius Smith - a gutsy, sexy goddess with zero inhibitions. You're not going to overanalyze every possible consequence of every decision. You're going to live for once in your life. Then when we get home, I'm going to introduce you to Henry's cousin She laughs a little, noting my reaction.

He looks much better than his name leads you to think. I would hope so, because the mental image I have is of an old man relying on a cane, I giggle out. I huff a little at the false name she's apparently going to call me for the remainder of our stay. We climb into the elevator, and she's so giddy she's almost shaking when she pushes the lobby button. When we walk out, a man is holding the door open to a long, exquisite, white limo.

She's not Mrs. Whitman just yet. Clara doesn't correct him though. She actually smiles as she tests the feel of the name and seems to enjoy the sound of it. I sigh a little as I follow her through the open door. My best friend is about to be married to Mr. Mega Bucks, and she'll be busy with the serious collection of business and charity events that tie up most of his time. The car starts moving, and Clara loops her arm through mine as the other girls discuss how excited they are about the club we're going to.

It's an impossible club to get into, but Henry assured her we'd all get in without fail. Her phone buzzes in her purse, and she pulls it out with a goofy grin spreading. Obviously Henry is calling. Hey, honey, she squeals. Yes it's perfect… Thank you… I will… I love you, too… I can't wait. Should I leave the two of you alone? I murmur teasingly while motioning to the inanimate device in her hand. She rolls her eyes and puts it back into her purse. I wish you were a little happier for me. I'm actually a little envious of the two of you.

You make it look so easy. Well, the flavor I tasted wasn't quite as delicious as yours. As a matter of fact, I'm still trying to rid myself of the lingering, rancid aftertaste which refuses to go away. My face distorts as though there really is a bad taste in my mouth, which is always my reaction when speaking about my ex.

It's been almost a year, and not all men are creeps like Jerry, she replies softly, keeping our conversation between us and away from the ears of the other girls. Picking the wrong men at all the wrong times seems to be my niche. I don't feel the need to continue letting Mr. Wrong invade my life, and they're all Mr.

Invoking the Archangels: A Nine-Step Process to Heal Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Wrong when it comes to me. Don't worry. We can have a good time without me being in love. I'll smile, drink, and dance - although it will be hideous dancing with these death traps you've strapped to my feet. She starts laughing, meaning I've done well to divert this topic. After forcing a reassuring smile, I stare out the window at the brightly lit streets of the animated night life that is New York.

I swear there are more people out at night than during the day. A long, dreadful line wraps around the corner of a large building, and my breath rushes out in a frustrated groan when I realize this is our stop. Clara smiles, giggling a little at her premature surname, and climbs out first. The other girls squeal excitedly and then sigh when they see the ridiculous line there is just to get in.

Clara smirks smugly as she takes my hand and leads me to the front entrance, bypassing a bunch of pissed-off glares. He stares at the list of names and then looks up and nods. He ushers us in through the decadent doors, and we can hear the frustration pouring out of the people who have most likely been waiting for hours. I can hear the music beating as my body jitters involuntarily from the heavy vibrations.

The dark lighting offers a perfect backdrop for the colorful laser show splashing around. The bar extends across the entirety of one wall, and waitresses walk around in dresses that look to have cost more than my usual wardrobe.

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Oh gross. Say it don't spray it, I think while wiping my ear with the back of my hand. I certainly don't want his spit in my ear. I'd need to drink the whole bar before I let this ape buy me a drink. Sorry, I'm with her, I murmur very misleadingly while wrapping my arm around Clara's waist to add to the charade. Clara laughs a little as she orders for us. The guy frowns with a slighted attitude, but he quickly finds a new prey to stalk. The other girls join us and order their own drinks while I begin guzzling mine.

I don't plan on getting laid, but I definitely plan on getting drunk. I nod appreciatively, and we start climbing the spiraled stairs to the left of us. After Clara drops her name on the clipboard-wielding bouncer that is guarding the door, we walk into a far less obnoxious room. The lessened blare of the music helps to alleviate the pressure inside my head, and the congestion is no longer an issue. People are gathered around several monitors overhead. Some people observe the view from the large window that hangs over the dance floor.

It's like two different worlds in one place. The downstairs area holds the wild, savage partiers, and the upstairs realm plays host to civility. I'm not sure which one I should be classed in, but I prefer the quieter room to the loud rage going on below. There are tables set up all around, and ours is marked with a card - Whitman, it says proudly. Clara orders me another dirty martini while I keep my gaze on the crazy scene below.

It does look kind of fun, but I need more to drink before I dare to join the partiers. When I look up, I see a guy in his late-twenties propped against the wall and staring at one of the monitors broadcasting the news. His tall, strong body offers mystery beneath the perfectly tailored suit. One hand holds his drink, while the other hides in his pocket. Of course it is his left hand hiding, so I have no idea if he is married or not. Perhaps he's hiding it intentionally because he's married but is keeping his options open. As long as I think he's a creep, I won't feel the need to approach him.

Considering he's a breathtaking slab of perfection, I need that creep-persona to hold me back. Another drink is set in front of me as soon as I guzzle down my previous one, but my eyes stay fixated on the dark-haired masterpiece still staring at the news. He's hot, Clara whispers, and my drink sloshes when my startled reaction requires me to jump. A waitress comes over and hands him a paper and pen. His left hand emerges from its hiding spot to sign the paper for her, and Clara smiles deviously.

There's no wedding band. So much for that barring me from doing something foolish. I haven't had a problem denying all temptations for almost a year, but here I am crumbling for an absolute stranger. There's no way he's single. He's way too hot, and it's pretty obvious he's got money, I rattle off nervously. The waitress rests my fourth glass in front of me, and I almost inhale it in order to steady my trembling hands with liquid courage.

Clara laughs as she motions for another. I smile a little as I try to dive into the false persona she has instructed me to take on. When I stand up, she grips her hands in front of her nervously, and I try to steady my sloshing nerves by taking a deep breath - even though it doesn't work at all. I slowly make my way over to the beautiful stranger, and I strut like a confident predator. My sexy stalk is in vain though, because he doesn't even take notice of my approach. I clear my throat awkwardly in a rude attempt to draw his attention, and his eyes slowly cut to meet mine.

He shouldn't be allowed to look this good because now I feel all the more intimidated. It's as though I'm watching all my confidence run away while waving a white flag. His perfect eyes are smoky blue, almost like the ocean on a cloudy day. His face is so… wow - perfectly chiseled and strong.

His body is so… wow - hard, lean, and fascinatingly postured. I am way out of my league here. What the hell was I thinking? Even with my six inch heels, he is still towering over me. His dark hair is tousled to perfection, but his snobby gaze offers me little welcome. He shows how unimpressed he is when his condescending stare scolds my eyes.

He turns his body to face mine, and I'm suddenly trembling like an idiot. I was wondering if you maybe you wanted to dance? What the hell is wrong with me? I quickly turn and take off back to my table. He resumes staring at the news until a man walks up to him smiling. I listen and hear his voice warmly responding to the man.

It almost pisses me off to hear how smooth his tone can be shortly after he just stabbed me in the eyes with his ice cold stare. The man laughs. I like the young air in here. It reminds me how life isn't always about work. I think a youthful surrounding is good for you, considering you've forgotten how young you are. His name is Devin. It suits him since it's so close to devil. Cruel, hot devil.

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If I could crawl into a hole and hide for eternity I would. I was kind of there, I mumble, my humiliation seeping through every orifice of my body. I let a laugh escape, and I see him almost smirk. He couldn't have heard her though. I have to stop looking at him. It's so hard to do when he's right there, his ruthlessly sexy body right in my line of view.

I pray I drink enough to forgot this ever happened. I'll gladly expel my memories tonight. No matter how ungraceful or how undignified hugging a toilet might seem, it'll leave me with more self-respect than his brutal rejection did. Clara takes my hand as our group starts descending the intimidating staircase that feels to be wobbling beneath my inebriated body which is stilted by the absurd extra inches.

My hand grasps firmly to the railing in order to hold myself steady, given the fact I'm not used to wearing heels. I'm happy when I feel the level floor beneath me, though it too feels as though it's moving. As soon as my body starts swaying to the music, I feel alien hands resting on my hips. I turn to meet a guy who is eye level with me, and he's smiling with a seductive grin that's not seducing me in the least. I pull his hands off of me and dismiss him with a wave of my hand. I roll my eyes and resume my dance with Clara. She starts laughing against the deafening music when a new set of hands find their way around my waist, and I can feel someone's body pressed against mine from behind.

She yells loudly, See. I told you that guy has to be gay. These men can't stay away from the sexy Alexius Smith. I laugh a little at her incorrigible efforts to rebuild my confidence. I keep rebuffing the attempts of the numerous men trying to weasel their way into a dance with me. They always want what they can't have. That's where I went wrong with Mr. Business Suit. No man wants a girl who wants them because they're fucking assholes like that.

follow site I knew better, but Alexius didn't. Poor girl had to learn the hard way. Clara laughs louder, and then an old, familiar song starts playing. I can see the excitement budding in her eyes, and I immediately start backing up. I'm not doing our eighth grade, made-up dance in a New York club. It was bad back then, and now it would just be pathetic. I can't believe they're even playing this old song. I asked them to. Please dance with me. We're never going to see these people again, she whimpers while pouting her lips. She pulls off her shoes and hands them to Melissa.

She motions for me to do the same, and I follow her lead with my begrudged, defeated motion. It's her weekend. It's not as though I haven't already suffered through one humiliation. At least this one will make Clara happy. She makes a clearing on the dance floor, and we wait for our beat. Our feet start mimicking the old dance steps we taught ourselves so long ago, and I laugh with each turn and twist. Everyone is clapping as we chuckle our way through our silly moves.

When the song ends, we take a bow to the crowd who are drunk enough to applaud our sad little number. But a big, brawny man stalks toward us with a very disapproving gaze. Clara and I both giggle like embarrassed children from our scolding as we pull our heels back on. Apparently he thought it was more bitchy than brazen.

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I can deal with that. I've been called worse. He drops his arm and towers over me threateningly. I'm not used to someone getting this pissed in such a crowded place. I might have finally crossed a line. His eyes reveal a stone-cold glare, one he refuses to relinquish. Alcohol and anger I should have known better.

I swallow hard when I see Devin staring down at the guy who's accosting me. He steps between the guy and me before speaking again. She's with me. If you have a problem with that, then you need to deal with me, not her. Got it? Devin growls. His voice is so much sexier when it's being protective rather than cold and dismissive. Why is he doing this though?

His hand extends to shake mine, and I warily proffer my hand. His touch is so… mmm. The glass in his hand carries a dark, amber liquid, but he doesn't seem to be affected by its toxin. His eyes are expectant as his hand holds onto mine. I finally end the suspense with a lie. He smirks slightly, revealing a peek of his perfect teeth. I wiggle free from the heated grip of his hand and try to wipe the tempting tingles off. Sorry about earlier, I was a little distracted.

I thought you were… different, he says vaguely, his head tilting for a moment before straightening back up. I shrug and try to sound casually unaffected when I say, It's okay. I need to get back to my friends.

See a Problem?

Dance with me. Let's convince the army of men chasing after you that you really are taken. My breathing hitches slightly from the unexpected touch. I slowly raise my eyes to meet his, and I very nearly dissolve under his smoldering stare. You made me feel like a complete fool earlier. Thank you for the help, but I really do need to go, I mumble. I shiver slightly when his arm gently grazes against mine as he passes by me, casually sipping his drink as he does so.

I smile once I know he can't see me, and I wipe it from my face before I go to rejoin the girls. What the crap are you doing? He's totally hot for you. Go get him, Clara scolds while trying to usher me away. He likes the chase, not me. Now that I've made it harder, he's suddenly interested. I'm not into the whole charade personally. I like simplicity, and I'm not going to waste time with my best friend to endeavor on a fruitless journey. I think it's a fruit-filled journey. Go get you some. That man is ripe for the picking.

Please don't let me down. I roll my eyes while murmuring, Let's go back to the quieter part. The music is picking back up, and it's getting more crowded now. She drops her shoulders, but cedes to my request. The other girls are giggling at my close encounter with Mr. Piping Hot. He's nothing but trouble in a designer suit. He's just a well disguised jerk, The kind of jerk a girl ends up drowning herself in a tub of ice cream over once the thrill of the chase ends. We sit down at the table, and a waitress rushes over to us to bring us a flashy bottle of expensive champagne.

This is from Mr. He said to make sure your table's tab goes to him for the rest of the night, and he requested my services be solely focused on you. Here's a bottle of champagne, courtesy of him. I shrug. Beats the hell out of me. I turned him down as punishment for his rudeness earlier. Well this night just got interesting, Clara beams, sipping her glass of champagne while offering me an appraising glance.

I slump a little in my seat as a large platter of chocolate covered strawberries is brought to us. There's a note in the middle of the platter addressed to Alexius Smith. I warily pull it open and read it. I smile reflexively and quickly check the room, but I still don't see him.

I sigh a little before writing under his text on the card. No, but thank you for the strawberries and booze. Perhaps you're too fond of the chase. I hand the waitress the card, and she smirks as she reads the front. I scratched out Alexius Smith and changed it to Mr. Loves The Chase. She disappears from the room, and I try to assess where she is going.

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She seems to disappear behind a crowd of men, and I lose her behind the flock. Clara interrupts my silent search. We finish the strawberries, and the waitress returns to clear the plate while handing me a new card. She's smiling ear to ear as I read the addressed name. I realize my hasty rejection to your earlier advance has possibly wounded your ego, but I can assure you it was not attributed to anything other than your brazen approach.

I misjudged you, and now I'm filled with regret. Contrary to your accusation, I'm not overly fond of chases. I prefer simplicity in everything. Please reconsider, or I'll be forced to go against my grain and continue to chase you. I shiver a little against the overwhelming temptation. Then a sigh escapes as I grab a napkin to write a reply on. He didn't leave any room on this small card for me to counter. It took a great deal of courage for me to put myself out there with what you call my brazen approach.

Your cruel rejection did wound my ego, and it embarrassed the hell out of me. There was simplicity in my obvious intentions, but you rejected it. The moment I showed you the same indifference you shared with me, you began this little chase. It's obvious the chase is you're end goal, not me. The door closed the moment you slammed it in my face. Jul 06, Hc rated it liked it Shelves: mm , gay-for-you , species-vampires , profession-law-enforcement , pub-extasy , yearreview , library. I had forgotten that they were at the BBQ picnic when Seth was taken so the time line seemed screwed up!

Had to go back and double check Seth's abduction scene and then everything fell right back into place. I think Nate should get a story also.. Jul 08, Katalina rated it it was ok. Way way WAY too short!!!! I know that sometimes the best way to tell something is to keep it short and sweet but this is just ridiculous. For starters I know that we already saw a bit of this couple in the previous book but still this book does not have any real complications, and considering what we saw of Owen in the last book and what we learn of hiking this book, I would have thought it would have take a hell of a lot more before he was ready to accept not only was his mate a VAMPIRE but als Way way WAY too short!!!!

For starters I know that we already saw a bit of this couple in the previous book but still this book does not have any real complications, and considering what we saw of Owen in the last book and what we learn of hiking this book, I would have thought it would have take a hell of a lot more before he was ready to accept not only was his mate a VAMPIRE but also a MAN, especially when he has been in the closer his entire life.

Just because he finds Xavier hot and "feels" a connection to him doesn't mean he should be ready to come out and have sex with a man the same day he officially meets him. At the end of the book when Owens son Nate finds them in bed I would have expected a larger reaction from Nate from not only finding his dad after his dad had had sex but after he had sex with a man when he thought his dad was straight. Then Owen not even being a little bit tentative when it came to telling his son he was gay, maybe it was just my point of view but it sounded like Owen was telling a complete stranger he was gay, not his son.

This boom had no real complication, and felt more like one of those short reads you find in an anthology. I'm really sorry to say but I found I could not really enjoy this book. And sorry about the angry ramble Jul 02, V rated it really liked it. Finally I get to read about a gorgeous mature couple, there are not many around trust me, I'm always looking for those books.

It seems like many people think only young guys can get hot and dirty. What a cute story, I have one tiny little issue, too short as always.

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I know, I know, I should be used to by now, but, I really wanted to enjoy these two hot specimens for a few more pages. Jul 11, Katrina Passick Lumsden rated it it was ok. Not as fun as some of Richards' other stories. Shorter, less involved, and it felt like the characters weren't as fleshed out and grounded as her others. Jul 30, Phaney rated it it was ok Shelves: m-m. This was an… unbelievably short book. It felt like maybe a third of the previous, half at most. Only an hour of reading. At least it proved good to read the last two volumes in a row since events overlap significantly.

Or at all, really. No, even more rushed. The bottom line? But then two brothers buy the fixer-upper next door. Never mind that one's a sin waiting to happen and the other is a bit of a jerk, neighbors are bad news for a vampire in training. Plus, Claire can't shake the feeling someone's stalking her and since she hasn't heard from her maker, Bette, or the other members of the Triad since Florida, so she's on her own. Will Claire's innate magic, pearly fangs and biting wit be enough to help her through the incoming storm of trouble?

Or will the darkness circling end up being her downfall? For Claire, life is good. She's single-mommin'-it like a boss, she finally wields magic without setting things on fire, and she's found a way to feed that doesn't involve venipuncture-- though there's still a fair amount of poking involved. But the past can be a real witch, and there's no telling when it'll come back to curse you, or how badly it's gonna sting. And sting it does. C compound, Claire's life implodes all over the dang place and she finds herself jetting to Italy, desperate to save everyone she loves.

Even that's a long shot, but there's no way she can save 'em all. The time has come for Claire to nut up, or shut up. If the Devil comes to collect his due in person, you're screwed. Claire hasn't been back to Italy since she played a game of supernatural-chicken with a crazy witch and won herself a castle. Choosing His Christmas Miracle.

Compromises for His Moose. Soothing the Zebra's Fears. Finding Balance. The Vampire's Geek. A Cajun in Colorado. Casey's Love Bite. Drawing Out His Wolf. Kyle's Valiant Hunt. Unwrapping the Alpha's Mate. Lifting Techniques. Break-Away Strength. Educating the Platypus. Crashing the Comicon. Wading with an Octopus. Fireman's Carry. Loving the Enemy. Rediscovering Himself. The Nerd's Vampire. Three Point Tuck. Mutegi's Sweet One. Rainbow Courage. The Mountain Man's Mate. Catting Around. Catlin's Appaloosa. Through Dagus's Eyes.

A Nip of Good Cheer.

Changing Owens Mind (A Paranormals Love Book 3) Changing Owens Mind (A Paranormals Love Book 3)
Changing Owens Mind (A Paranormals Love Book 3) Changing Owens Mind (A Paranormals Love Book 3)
Changing Owens Mind (A Paranormals Love Book 3) Changing Owens Mind (A Paranormals Love Book 3)
Changing Owens Mind (A Paranormals Love Book 3) Changing Owens Mind (A Paranormals Love Book 3)
Changing Owens Mind (A Paranormals Love Book 3) Changing Owens Mind (A Paranormals Love Book 3)
Changing Owens Mind (A Paranormals Love Book 3) Changing Owens Mind (A Paranormals Love Book 3)
Changing Owens Mind (A Paranormals Love Book 3) Changing Owens Mind (A Paranormals Love Book 3)

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