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The book is based on the theme of kinds of beauty, and aesthetic beauty as a curse, definitely worth reading. I love knowing the darker side to tales. In real life. All the other stories seem to have some point or moral, but the Sleeping Beauty version is just…sick and rather silly when you think about it. Granted, most fairy tales are, but the Sleeping Beauty story goes beyond silliness. Its interesting because I read this amazing fantasy book awhile ago that was obviously inspired by The pied piper.

Her early story is the story of the Pied Piper. The town, the rats, and the lame boy. Great List, Good work. From Basile to Grimm and Disney — these are mere versions of the topoi. Interesting though is to think about the society that favours this-or-that version: childish or adult-gruesome… Have the versions in the 17th century for example been addressed to kids anyway? Or were the kids already have-grown men? Or, or…. Amazing revelations!! I was looking for something else but stumbled upon this website and it was interesting for sure.

Though I would like to point out that the written pieces need to be edited. Rest alls good. Then the 3 little wolves build a house of flowers. The wolves ask him to join them in their games of pig-pog and piggy in the middle, they all become friends and …. Here in Brazil there is a nursery rhyme that tells the child to sleep fast, because the Cuca a crocodile-like witch is coming to get the child, and both the parents are not in the house, working.

Recently did a play based on Alice in Wonderland where the land was an escape for an abused child, it was very dark. I wanted to do something similar with a different fairy tale and make it dark but seems you have done my work for me. But one thing I would like to add about one comment someone made. The true origin of this rhyme arose during the time of The Black Plague. These are the detials that I have come to undersand : each line represents an event of The Plague. Pingback: I stumbled upon…3 : The Bookkeeper. Actually, the original Snow White says the prince comes across her memorial in the forest.

While his comrade is looking for water, he begins to molest her lifeless body. It isnt until he fishes out the remnants of the poison apple out of her mouth that she awkens. Ugh, making out with a dead girl And getting rotten apple in your mouth, yuck. I tried checking the sleeping beauty one but the Briar rose story by Grimm, the origin of sleeping beauty is really a bit more similar to the disney and with a happy ending then the one described here.

Which story is the story listed here really referring to? How about beauty and the beast. She gets tired of having human male partners and desires for kinkier things. She gets found by the beast, whom she seduces into having his way with her, satisfying her like she had never been before. It has a beheaded talking horse, a talking bloody hankie and one of the most delicious ends for the evil hand-maiden.

My son is taking a lit course. Much prefer non-sanitised versions of fairy tales. Great imagery like dancing in red-hot shoes, and cutting off parts of the feet. The ide about the fur slipper, comes from france. The french word for fur is the same as the one for glas: Verre.

That you can slip in to… and try for sice. Now imagen THAT being caught, and ripped of…. The story of Red Riding Hood is to teach girls about not trusting strange men. Men are symbolized as the Big Bad Wolf. It is a very symbolic story. Red Riding Hood wears red and brings red wine. She also puts on red gloves. Gloves and shoes in literature may be symbolic actions of sexual penetration. Red is symbolic of passion or sexuality. Hence the Little Red Riding Hood story is about rape. They were fur slippers from a squirrel. Thanks to the mystery person that submitted it. Juniper Tree.

One day she offers him an apple from a big chest in her room, he leans in to retrieve the apple and she slams the chest down on his neck, decapitating him! Grimm brothers were some creepy folk. Anything from Snow White to Rumpelstiltskin is fair game for the author. However, none of the tales are the same as when we last heard them.

Snow White is now gluttonous and no longer charming; her dwarves attempting to get rid of her. Little Red Riding Hood is no longer an innocent girl visiting her grandmother, but a seductive temptress who gives birth to the first loup wolf-human. And figures such as Rumpelstiltskin and Kokopelli serve as the inspiration for the most despicable character — the Crooked Man. I grew up in china, and I recalled the night time stories my mom used to tell me were very different from the newer disney versions. I remember the version of mermaid my mom used to tell me, the mermaid turned into bubbles.

In cinderella, her step sisters did cut the feet in order to wear the glass slippers. In the little red riding hood, however, it was a little different. King falls for girl, set her up as a mistress. Queen finds out and murders her. Minstrel find her body and uses her bones to make an instrument. Plays for the king and queen. Instrument starts to sing in the girls voice and tell about her murder. So he decides to marry his daughter.

She escapes.

Must Read Fairytale Retellings for Adults and YA Readers

Victoria- The only thing that I have to say is that the stories about the the girl asking for the dresses made out of fur are not Cinderella stories post The girl ask for the dresses because her father declared that he would not marry anyone unless they were as beautiful as his late wife. She asks for the dresses and the fur cloak to try to get her father to re-think his desire to marry her. How different would Disneyland be if they stuck to the original endings or used some of the other stories? I decided to read Pinocchio full-length old version, NOT Disney to my son when he was about 7 and was amazed at the brutality in the story.

It is basically a warning tale to children about the horrors that will come to them if they disobey their parents. Disney showed Pinocchio getting a little karma for his misdeeds but I remember one section in the book where he is hung in a tree for a year and has his eyes pecked out by crows. There is no subtlety or accompanying moral to the story, just a story to terrorize your kids. Fairy tales, legends, and myths are all ancient teaching tales.

I have heard something about sexual intercourse in fairy tales, but nothing about rape. That, I think, would be a Christian overlay. For a better education on the meaning behind and the supreme importance of fairy tales — start reading Joseph Campbell — Flight of the Wild Gander would be a good start. I read the most horrendous fairy tales of all when I was a kid, and luxuriated in it. Loved it — they were Norwegian Fairy Tales, with all their gruesomeness intact. The stories are intended to teach, and intended to awake all the senses to the dangers around, both physical and psychological — as in Bluebeard.

Do not mess with fairy tales, we have lost enough as it is. The Handless Maiden, btw — gets her hands back either in silver or gold. Once she has put in her apprenticeship in the forest, and then knows how to handle life. As with the story of Baba Yaga — the girl learns how to feed her intuition her doll and then after a trial at the hut of Baba Yaga, she goes home with a flaming skull to light her way.

The skull is symbolic for her now psychic awareness, and the fact that her nasty family can no longer manipulate and bully her. So they went around to everyone they could find who knew the old stories, and wrote them down. They did not write the stories themselves. These stories have been around thousands and thousands of years, and not only that — they are similar all over the world. According to Joseph Campbell, fairy tales started in India, and then moved, changing with each culture.

Arabian stories and Irish stories are the most beautiful. I 1st saw it resting on a table when i was visiting a Scottish castle many years ago, and it immediately caught my eye. Some of the stories are quite disturbing but I find it hilarious!

Briar Rose - Grimm's Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm - 7

Pingback: blog. The Girl with no Hands???? Was this included to see if we were paying attention? All the rest are classic well known tales, but this one…… never heard of it. Pingback: Steez Luis. I have the complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm and all are in original form, I love reading them and I am collection other fairy tales in the original form from around the world.

I would be very interested in seeing your source for it. It would be great if you could provide source information for these things, instead of just expecting us to take you at your word. You can also check this site which is from Iowa State University and features a version of the story from Giambattista Basile and pre dates Perrault by about 60 years. Love this list! I wonder how twisted those authors were to come up with such teribble fairytales! Snow White was the worst, followed by the girl who chopped her hands. Great list as usual JFrater! By the way, the source is not Perrault, who transformed some of the tales collected by the German brothers Grimm.

I cant for the life of me remember where i heard this and which story it is. Anyone know? Mine too. My parents hated disney for some reason. My favourite fairy story ended up being one were the girls horse had its head chopped of and nailed to the castle wall, she still talked to it everyday and it replied, I think it might have been the goose girl or something. Pinochio is scary as ever aswell the couchman takes the boys and tears them apart wikipedia it.

You know what happens next? Her chopped off feet still with the shoes on keep on dancing and haunt her by preventing her from entering any church. After that she learns her lesson and dies. Actually the original Little Red Riding Hood does have the grandmother in it. The wolf kills the grandmother and leaves her blood and meat out that little red ends up eating before being killed and eaten herself. Did anyone mention Allerleirauh or Donkeyskin? Basically, the Queen is beautiful. When she dies, she makes the King promise never to remarry unless he finds someone who can fit her clothes or her wedding ring or whatever they vary Then he realizes the only one who fits that bill is his daughter.

She freaks out, of course, so to buy some time she asks for three impossible dresses—the color of the sun, the moon, and the weather. When he gets THAT she runs away, makes a prince fall in love with her, etcetera. She ends up marrying a prince and living happily-ever-after. To be honest, most of these stories were told to me as they are written here. I loved stories that my Grammy told me and I love finding the origins of things so when I started to look for the original stories I found these, obviously. So I love these versions.

Nice article. My only gripe is that the brothers grim were not the original writers of some of the fairy tales that were listed in fact they only wrote down tales they were told by women around germany … Specifically Cinderella, the oldest version that has been found of that one is the chinese one Victoria brought up.

Yes, the Grimm Brothers "only" collected and wrote down dozens of stories that might have been forgotten otherwise… Charles Perrault didn't invent his own stories, either, he only modified them. Plus, the Queen had people take her to the forest and cut out her heart to bring back, and then she hung the still-beating heart above her bed.

Im never gonna be able to look at mother goose the same again. And I know they have this gruesome original version which I like more. Oh my gosh! My teacher told me that the original fairy tales were a lot more grusome, but I had no idea! There is another vertion of little red riding hood where the wolf tells little red riding hood to get flowers for her grandmother.

The wolf then beats her to the house and eats grandma. Then he puts on the grandmas clothes. When little red riding hood comes along she is tricked the wolf and ties a rope to her leg and ties it to the leg of the bed. Then he says to take of her clothes and hop in the bed but she is not tricked by that. I grew up with the older more brutal versions myself. What with having a mother that very early on realised I was a bit of a horror fan, so I was allowed to read a old book of Fairytales that my mom owned that had the origional tales. Another great tale with some horror in it The Soldier and the Matchbox by H.

C Anderson. Where while the soldier still kills the old woman, he now only stares at the princess and instead of murdering her parents just convinces them to let him marry the princess. I always try to find the true and original story of fairy tales, now i see it, is cruel and not fantasy, that is what real world are?

I actually had two of the originals on tape as a kid, I was scarred to death by them cinderella and rumpelskilskin. There was also another tale where a mother have lost her kids in a forrest and she meets the wolf and tells him not to eat them if he finds them. However when the mother finds her lost children they are all eaten by the wolf and only their head is left. This list is wonderful. Now,I can say that fairy tales are not only for children…there are also the "morbid" side of fairy tales that make them more interesting. Another Great List Jfrater!!!

In "Mara Pepelashka" Mary Cinderella a old Slavic version of Cinderella, Cinderella's mother doesn't die before the events, she's turned into cow when Cinderella disobeys her, and she lives with Cinderella and her father as their cow until he remarries and they decide to… get this…. And Cinderella doesn't protest, she actually her mother's meat and then throws her mother's bones in the ash where she founds the slippers on the day of the ball. She gets the slippers by throwing her mother's bones after she eats her who became a cow because she disobeyed her. Grimm's version is a children's tale compared to this one.

Books Based on Fairy Tales

Some think the piper instructed the townsfolk to put out a lot of salted meat. Then he had them seal off all sources of water. But when the town refused to pay, he drugged their children and kidnapped them to sell as slaves. Little Red Riding Hood is thought by some to be a sinister allegory of deflowering, the red hood representing a hymen.

I actually had to google the "fun" ones, but i must say i like mine better than the sparkling candywrapped versions of disney. My French teacher swears that Cinderella's glass slipper was originally, not fur but glass — la pantoufle verte the green slipper as opposed to verre glass. The words sound very similar in French and it's easy to see that a mistake could be made in translation! It's a different suggestion to those already posted but makes sense and certainly is plausible.

I think the slipper was neither glass "verre" in French nor green "vert" , but squirrel fur "vair". I grew up with the original version of the pied piper. I also heard the Grimm Cinderella while I was still in kindergarten. I grew up with some weird transition of Little Red where it was a mix of the original story and the current one, where they all get eaten but then the wolf is too fat to get far from the house and the woodsman happens by and axes the wolf open and granny and red are saved.

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But I also read the 3 little pigs where they ate the wolf after he fell into the fire and died. They were happy, fat, and safe. No bubble wrap for my kids. One of my fave books ever as a child was Charles Perrault's fairy tales. The girl who is rude to the fairy, however, gets a spell where when she speaks, toads, frogs and snakes drop out. Her mother throws her out, and she ends up dying in a corner of the woods.

But in Cinderella it was the stepmother who was evil, with her two daughters. Snow White and Cinderella sometimes get mixed up, the stories do have some similarities so it's not surprising. Not all of this information is true, exactly. As a consequence, "Cinderella" and "Sleeping Beauty" stories for example have many, many variations. Also, they were not always for children, but still served to pass on moral or social messages.

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I suppose we can't blame Disney, in some ways, for watering them down, as that just represents the next evolution of these tales, for a very specific audience one defined by culture as well as age. In fact even the term 'fairy tale' was made up by a French writer. Most of the stories listed are not 'original' versions, because they came from the oral tradition. When they were finally written down by elite during the 17th and 18th century, the writers further edited the stories to their own liking. Hey is there a book I can buy that contains all the original gruesome versions?

I got the Grimm Brother's fairytales but didn't realize until afterwards it wasn't the book I was looking for. This is the link people! Also,it's not recommended you let your kids read this tale. Where's Hunchback of Notre-Dame? Esmeralda died.. Quasimodo wrapped his arms around her body in her grave, and eventually died of starvation.. You seriously need to edit your articles before posting them.

There are so many inconsistencies and mistakes that I'm not sure where to start. Uhm, correction to be made for red riding hood. Im sorry i cannot remember the name of the tale but i can remember reading one about a princess and her seven brothers, the brothers were turned into swans and to turn them back she was told to make them shirts out of nettles. Thats about all i can remember.

The first book in the witcher trilogy the last wish has quite a good take on fairy tales where all of them are real tales. In the books version of snow white the girl is taken to the woods and is raped by the woodsmen. She then joins up with seven men in a mercenary type gang and terrorizes the country. The books version of Rapunzel has girls locked up because they were evil and the foolish princes that tried to marry them were eaten or found mutilated at the bottom of the tower.

Its a very good read. Its called 'the six swans', by the grimm brothers. There is also another version of red riding hood, my favourite where the wolf eats the grandma and leaves the remains on the table. Little red riding hood then enters and eats and from what is on the table not realising it's her grandma she then does a slow strip tease for the wolf throwing each item of clothing into the fire. Also, if you ever add to the list, a couple of excellent candidates for the most gruesome fairy tales are Fitchers Bird Grimm Brothers and Bluebeard Perrault which are actually quite similar.

Both are about new wives whose husbands go away on a trip leaving them free reign of the house except for one room which they are forbidden to go into. Of course curiosity gets the better of them and they go in anyway, to discover the butchered corpses of their husbands previous wives.

I could imagine both tales being adapted as great modern day horrors. What about the fairy tale "Donkeyskin" by Charles Perrault. It was pretty gruesome, considering it was about a king who would only remarry someone who was as beautiful as his wife and the only person who fit that ideal was his daughter, who he "insisted"she should "marry" him. Robin McKinley retold the story in her book Deerskin, that's the only reason I'm familiar with the original.

Also, in the original The Little Mermaid, her voice is removed by having her tongue cut off by the sea witch. Oh, and Little Red Riding Hood. Well, I read somewhere that some interpret it is a metaphor for a young woman going through her period, being stalked by a sexual predator…I think it makes SENSE that they've been changed in order to be told to children, don't you?

Just simpilified to a more general moral of don't talk to strangers. And has anyone heard of the story of Bluebeard? Check that one out. That's pretty dark without being altered. And The Seven Ravens. It hasn't been altered, really, but it's not as famous of a fairy tale. The girl loses the key and, so desperate to find her long-lost brothers she never knew,amputates her pinky to use it as a key. But yeah, there you go, another gruesome thing.

I have to say that I'm kind of lingering between whether or not companies like Disney lighten the story too much. Snow White was as dark as it could possibly get to stay away from R-rated ness. Makes sense to take out the cannibalism hinted. Besides, Disney's goal was not to appeal to adults.

Nor was it to appeal to kids. It was for everyone. It had to be something with a bit of darkness to make it intense and dramatic, but without going too far, you know? I don't think anyone would want to see the very original, pretty nasty violence in something that was promised for all ages to enjoy. I understand why they limit it. Pingback: Is there a book that disturbed you so much that you just wanted to throw it away? I don't understand why Cindarella is first here. I heard the version with the evil stepsisters cutting off parts of their feet first one cut off her toe and the second one her heel when I was a kid and I don't remember it particularly terrifying me.

Oh, and the same goes for the Piper tale. I didn't even know that there was a version in which the children stayed alive. I know that the wolf was supposed to represent the devil, and she was represented as a prostitute who was also a witch? A little bit OT here but thought you would like to know that your blog looks great on my new IPad. Pingback: Adina's Blog. The prince takes Sleeping Beauty and kids home, and after a while leaves on a trip.

During this time, the mother decides she will eat the youngest kid, the cook feels bad and serves her a deer -I think- in the sweetest sauce to trick her while hiding the kid in his own home. The queen then decides she will eat the other kid and the same things happen, and once more when she decides to eat the princess. The pot is set and the queen is about to throw them all in when the prince arrives.

When she sees his son, she throws herself into the pot of boiling oil out of shame. The ogre part was pretty unexpected…. She gets raped by her own father!!! Since I was young I believe so much of happy ending and such. But having knowledge of early Medieval, or when ever it was written, no doubt, it could have been the original.

To think Disney made a good job altering some part to minimize the morbidity, knowing the truth at my age today,I find it more realistic. But I do remember that they were all the original, terribly frightening, versions. I developed a life long passion for the horror novel, and horror movie genres. My personal favorite gruesome tale is naturally a Grimm!

Briar Rose

He gives them an egg to keep safe and the keys to every room in the house with special instructions not to go into one particular room which they inevitably disobey. So, they drop the egg which gets stained with blood and when he gets home and finds out, they become part of the decor. The Story of Little Suck-a-thumb or something. About the little mermaid part.. Wow, hmmm the prince charming turns out to be Necromaniac not so charming after all??

I just noticed that the fairy tales writers used a lot of psycho, sex maniac, necrophylin, SAW version of characters in his story, What does it tells you!! Something else that is interesting and worth noting— In the original Hansel and Gretel the parents want to get rid of the children because they are too poor to care for them or feed them. In fact, I believe the mother or stepmother? Meanwhile, the kids have no idea that their parents even intentionally want them to leave!

They believe they get separated while traveling. One more thing, you should look into the original version of Rapunzel. Did you hire out a designer to create your theme? Outstanding work! Makes me want to watch the Real Movies! The nasty one is sleeping beauty and the Girl with no hands! At the end of this one movie.. I thought Cinderella was based off of a real girl from China. The stories just added that magic factor and happy ending to it, or something. Any one hear the same thing? Of coarse! I always know when a person is trying to trick me when i see a bird pecking out their eyes, rather than just noticing the bloody stumps in the place of feet….

Pingback: Truy? My daughters were given a fairy tale book where the stories are pretty close to the originals. Like in the little mermaid instead of her voice going into a shell like in the movie Her tongue gets cut off. You should add king blue beard on here! Later on she becomes stuck up so the king goes on trip and leaves her a key to a room she must not open.

Inside she finds the kings dead wives bodies decomposing and falls in the blood. The king returns and find her drenched and tries to kill here. I read nly d modern tales………. My history class is doing a bit on fairy tales and one version of sleeping beauty is that she is put under sleep forever, etc. But instead of a prince saving her, or a prince with an ogre mother, its just an Ogre that finds her. He rapes her while she sleeps. End of story. No fairy tale ending here. Thats just how stories back then ended. Also, the moral of little red riding hood is actually warning against promiscuity.

Pingback: The web. Loved This! And are there variations in stories due to age? As i believed most of them only had 1 [2] authors — the grimm brothers, so did they solely write this? Or pick them up and compile into stories? Where can I read these full original fairy tales? Is there a link to a website where full original tales are or do you know of a book I can buy with the full original tales? Thank you. There is also a version of Sleeping beauty where the prince is the son of an ogress. When he is called away to war, his mother attempts to eat his wife and kids, who are spared only by the mercy of the cook who feeds the ogress a lamb, a goat, and a deer.

She then kills herself. Also, the Pied Piper may have had its origins in a real-life occurrence and the kids are usually said to have been simply lead away. Well, I think Little Mermaid is rather sad than gruesome. And my country, Vietnam, also has a tale which is kinda like Cinderella. The main character called Tam, her mom died and her father married another woman. Tam was bullied by this step mother and step sister Cam. And then everything goes like Cinderella. When Tam had been the queen, her step mother planned to kill her and make Cam queen. Her soul incatnated a oriole, try to tell the king the truth.

Cam catched the bird and ate it. Its feather became a china tree. The king usually slept under that tree so Cam was jealous. She chopped down the tree and use the wood to make a loom. An old woman passed by, she wanted it so she said something and it dropped into her bag and she brought it home.

The woman suddenly came home and saw Tam. Then, Tam lived with her. One day, the king went by and recognized Tam, he took her back to the castle. The end :. The one about sleeping beauty!! It is a lot more gruesome than the story in my woodworths classic book! I wish that the still sold stories how they were when they first were written! Hello great side, good re-search Ive been searching for the originals for years question can you tell me where you found the originals I would like to read them fully without switching back and forth to the children book and the site.

I actually read the original versions of quite a few of these as a child. I would like to find the original more gruesome versions of these stories by the Brothers Grimm. Does anyone know where i could find this? Just recently found out that they never started off with happy endings. Im from Slovakia and the stories about the Little Mermaid and Cinderella have the original drastic ending here…. Also in The Little Mermaid every step she takes is like stepping on sharp knives and the witch cuts out her tongue as payment….

Eventually things go right and the false bride gets tricked into choosing her own execution, which is to be stripped naked and put into a barrel lined with sharp nails. Two white horses are to be harnessed to the barrel and she is to be dragged all over the country til she is dead. Two sisters each meet a fairy when sent to fetch water from the well. The good sister is nice to the fairy, who is disguised as an old woman, and in return the fairy gives her the gift of having gold and jewels come from her mouth when she talks.

Her sister is rude to the fairy, so gets the curse of having slugs and toads fall from her mouth. The bad sister, on the other hand, also gets kicked out; but she ends up dying of starvation in the forest cuz no-one wants to give her a home. Her feet then follow her, still dancing in the red shoes. Pingback: News Mash: Modern fairy tale pose quirky questions, whereas the originals?

Far from Charming! Boy is so devasted that he makes a carpet with her angrily looking with knife in her hands, and since it is a felony to have someone portrayed they chop off his head. Girl in harem becomes sultans favourite, and he takes the carpet and puts it in his room since its so pretty creepy And one night girl enters sultans room he wakes up but fate wanted her to stand just like in carpet so when he called for guards they thought he is crazy and that she is a painting.

So in the morning they found girl laughing with his body choped to pieces. Pingback: What a creepy child I was! There is symbolism that her red cape represents menustration blood for youth. I know, pretty disturbing, but very interesting. Wait a minute. I always knew about The Little Mermaid, my parents had actually bought me a copy of the original story where she actually stabs herself and falls into the water and turns to froth in the waves and in the illustration, she is surrounded by all the others that had died in the waves and become part of the ocean.

My parents bought the book for me in when I was 10, so needless to say they were surprised by my coming out and asking if they had actually read the book before giving it to me, they thought it was like the Disney version. But I did keep it so my daughters can read it too. OMG so weird n twisted its sooooo weird how we grow up thinking eveything is solved with the kiss of ur one true lover n now we know that nothing actually was going well :P. Kids are overprotected nowadays and than wham!!! The Steadfast Tin Soldier.

Both the soldier and his ballerina become ash while burning in the fireplace. I think the ending is still kept as is. I never knew that. The film is totally different, not at all like Disney, and i always wondered why. They made it more like the original, written by Hans Christian Andersen. What I want to know is if any of these stories have and truth behind them. Are they just a gruesome story or were these real stories that were twisted a little. When she fell asleep for a hundred years, so did the rest of the palace from the king and queen to the flies, every creature was asleep.

Many men tried to get past the thorns which had risen all around the palace but in vain. That one was one of the very few Grimm brother happy endings. Also: in Snow White, she was 7 when the story takes place. Even when the prince marries her. I will never ever view these the same. They might be based off a real life event, but not the exact same. These are just barbaric. Actually, there was a fairytale that really happened. In real life, the baron is Gilles de Rais, one of the leaders of Joan of Arc. Reblogged this on Rachael Fuller Blog and commented: This list sums up it up quite well!

The original oral tale is described in the essay. She flees and the wolf drowns in a river. It was originally a coming-of-age tale. Pingback: Disney Lied To Us!! In the original version of the fairy tale, Cinderella also actually kills her stepmother first, so her father could marry their housekeeper. Chiefly, the back-story of both Belle and the Beast is given.

The Beast was a prince who lost his father at a young age, and whose mother had to wage war to defend his kingdom. The queen left him in care of an evil fairy, who tried to seduce him when he became an adult; when he refused, she transformed him into a beast. There was a grandma and she did make it to grandmas house. The wolf was the one who asked for directions. The only correct thing i that is that there was no woodsman so Red and grandma were not saved.

Look it up. Hello my family member! I wish to say that this article is awesome, great written and include almost all vital infos. All these gruesome stories we grew up with and turned out fine…. It started with simple nursery rhymes and worked its way up to longer fairy tales. Loved them all and they were not overly sanitized.

Rumpelstiltskin died…. Thus putting on her skin to disguise himself as the grandma. Society just cleaned it up for kids by saying he put on her night clothes. Nothing like wearing the skin of another. Just a thought ;. Most of them are sick and twisted which would the reader to be breathless of what the writer put on the paper.

In one version, she performed a strip tease to distract the wolf and she ended up in bed with him. She managed to escape by saying she had to use the bathroom. Like rape. When I was a kid I had a book of tales, one of which really stuck with me. A sparrow saw how sad the man was, so he offered him a gift.

At night, the sparrow landed on a bloomless rose bush, and pressed his body against a thorn, piercing his heart. To deal with the pain, he sang as hard as he could, then died. The next day there was a single red rose on the bush. So she threw it in the gutter, where it was crushed by a wagon wheel. Reblogged this on hey silly! Oh my goodness! Awesome article dude! Is there anybody else getting similar RSS issues?

Anyone that knows the answer can you kindly respond? Thank you so much and look up my name on google!!! For the cinderella story, another variation is that the prince chops the evil step sisters heads off when he sees their bloody feet. The mother is angry at him so she makes him take apples out of the apple box, and then drops the lid effectively chopping his head off cleanly.

She is horrified by her action, and puts his head back on witha ruff. Then she commands her daughter too Bo him in the head, so she thinks she killed him. She sympathizes with her daughter and feeds the boys body to his father, all the while saying he is at his uncles for 6 weeks. Then he returns as a bird, and is made whole again, by taking his mothers life as she shrinks and blackens until she is a dead husk.

His sister is so full of greif she stabs herself in the heart. This is another Grimms tale I beleive. A more unknown one, like the magic ring or such. Especially since they seem to have two different countries of origin. I have never heard your version of Sleeping Beauty. I do know that she does bear two children, but not while passed out unconscious. So I looked into it, and it does seem that version originates with an Italian writer, not with Perrault. This certainly lends itself to the notion that most fairytales are cautionary, or meant to scare children. The new ending told children if they were good, the little mermaid would get one year closer to heaven, but every bad behaviour added on time for her remaining without an immortal soul.

Loved this post! I re-blogged it, I loved it so much! I also loved your 10 most disturbing novels! Pinnochio in the original form is horrible. The illustrations are terrifying. One in particular shows Pinnochio being stabbed with butcher knives by robbers on the road. The cat and the fox are cons who are out to kill him. I read most of the originals when I was younger. I was a kind of Matilda character and read anything I could get my hands on. Needless to say, when Disney brought out their version I was a bit…confused.

Those old storytellers were gorey, bad!

Kindle Editions

Even at 8yrs, I thought they were interesting reads. Thanks for the list. The prince mistakes another princess for his savior yes the part in Disney about her saving him from an ocean storm is accurate and marries her. So her sisters come bearing a knife from the witch to kill him with — when the blood from his neck drips on her feet she will turn back into a mermaid — but she cant do it so she meets her foamy end.

Oh, and lets not forget the fact that every time she takes a step, it feels like she is stepping on a hundred daggers and her feet bleed, although she is the most beautiful, light-footed dancer in the land. Good stuff! But I have one correction to make. That was the real story. Obviously these old story tellers were fond of such brutalities and loved telling little kids about it.

I had a great childhood :D. The stories were very interesting. Anyone want to type up some more stories for me? And did you know that the little red riding hood story was actuallly a metaphorical story for how young girls should stay away from sex. The wolf in the story is actually a man genitals. And the girl being eaten in the end is suppose to be her being raped. Thank you for this information. I am really fond of fairy tales and this information helped a lot. I hoped there will be finding on the true story of Rapunzel.

Thank you again. Reblogged this on You're not supposed to be here. Reblogged this on Emotions on Edge and commented: I love fairy tales. Wow, superb blog layout! How lengthy have you ever been blogging for? The whole look of your website is excellent, as well as the content! In Cinderella the reason the Prince is initially not aware that the stepsisters have cut off their heels and toes because you would see all the blood in a glass slipper is because when the text was initially translated the word was misunderstood it should have been a wooden slipper.

Red Riding Hood predating Perrault had cannabalism and suggestions of sex or rape between the wolf and Red. Although the end was either Red gets eaten or she manages to get away on her own, probably depending on who wanted the happy ending. She is rescued from the wolf by a woodsman who in turn would like a little carnal reward, thus becoming the wolf, from whom the girl must flee. In the world around me are re-enactments of the classic tale, with roles often played by abused women. Magnificent site. Lots of helpful info here. And certainly, thanks in your sweat!

Grimm fairy tales are ultimately the best tales ever told. I was wondering if the author could possibly tell me exactly where you found these stories? Its like pulling teeth trying to find these versions! Number 2 i had never heard of, but i looked it up and its in my big book of fairytales its very old, and includes most of the grim fairly tales, the stories from the arabian nights, and a few other unrelated fairytales. One that i feel needed mention was the hunchback of notre dame which was changed in most ways and had a really horrible original ending that just left a bad taste in my mouth after reading it, the disney version was really sanitized, but still nice.

Like i said, growing up with those stories made me realize how unfair life is. Shere Khan was crippled and was stampeded and killed in the book, yet in the disney version they made him all handsome and sexy and not crippled. Were They Appropriate Then? Are they Appropriate Now? Pingback: Sleeping Beauty Awakes! First Night Design. Pingback: Come join me on a trip along the internett highway Betraktninger. Pingback: Fairytale Origins Caitlin Bowbeer.

Pingback: Princesas Disney denunciando los abusos sexuales infantiles. Pingback: Plakaty z Ksi?? Pingback: Fairy Tales are True- thereadingwire. Pingback: Nina Campbell Fairytales. Pingback: folkloric influences - Inner Moonlight Designs. Pingback: Stories of rape through folklore — Steak Knife Poetry. Pingback: okayy Ambiguous Aesthete. Pingback: ugh — Site Title. Pingback: The fairytale gone bad All Categories. Jamie Frater Jamie is the owner and chief-editor of Listverse.

More Great Lists. You can find both of these books on Amazon. You are definitely wrong, and Neils is correct. Hansel and Gretel happens exactly that way. Delightfully creepy! Are they real? JFrater you always make good lists : keep up the good work. That's an urban legend. By Diane Stanley. As a child she is close to Prince Julian, but as time passes, their vastly different life stations cause them to draw apart. A dangerous trip in search of medicine for Wei Ping brings Xing Xing into the wider world, but she returns to find home more treacherous than before.

By Barbara Ensor. A modern-day Cinderella writes letters about her miserable living situation to her deceased mother in this lighthearted account of the familiar tale. Plagued by her cruel stepmother and stepsisters, she spends her days doing menial labor and dreams of a happier time. The twist to this version is that the author follows Cinderella and her prince to see just how happy their happily ever after is.

I Was a Rat! By Philip Pullman. The elderly couple gives the boy a home and a name, Roger. Pullman turns fairy tale convention on its head in this fractured story, and the result is nonstop fun for readers. By Melissa Kantor. Romance is in the air for this princess, though, and she ends up torn between a jock and an artist. By Edith Pattou. Also available in an audio edition from Listening Library. Blending elements of fantasy and mythology, this compelling tale follows Rose as she leaves home with a mysterious white bear.

She later finds that he has been enchanted by an evil Troll Queen. To save him, Rose must endure an arduous journey, traveling east of the sun and west of the moon. Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow. By Jessica Day George. If she stays with him for a year, her family will be richly rewarded. Overwhelmed by the rich dishes and elaborate clothing offered to her, the girl wonders about the strange man who silently sleeps by her side each night.

Infused with Norse mythology, this vivid fantasy features mystery, adventure, the supernatural, and a touch of love. Goose Chase. By Patrice Kindl. Trapped in a tower until she chooses between two suitors—an evil king or an insipid prince—Goose Girl needs a quick miracle. Enter her faithful, magical geese, which transport her away from the wedding dilemma and set in motion a classic adventure-chase that turns into a fairy-tale spoof. The Goose Girl. By Shannon Hale. Also available in an audio edition from Full Cast Audio. Able to communicate with animals and the wind, Anidori is not a typical princess.

Collecting allies in the most unlikely of places, Ani becomes a goose girl while she searches for a way to reclaim her name and prove her worth. Letters from Rapunzel. By Sara Lewis Holmes. In this thoroughly modern spin on the familiar tale, teen Rapunzel is trapped in an after-school homework club where she sits and worries about her father, who seems to have had a spell cast on him.

Out of the Wild. By Sarah Beth Durst. Together, he and Julie must rescue Sleeping Beauty from a wicked fairy godmother while keeping their fairy-tale identities secret. By Robin McKinley. By Gail Carson Levine. Aza is bulky and awkward, but she has a glorious voice, and she can throw the sound of it. Eventually Aza grows tired of the charade and leaves, having gained self-confidence in a world that seems utterly obsessed by appearances. Mira, Mirror.

By Mette Ivie Harrison. In this story inspired by Snow White, Mira is apprenticed to a witch and bonds with another beautiful young apprentice, whom she thinks of as a sister.

Briar Rose (Modern Wicked Fairy Tales Book 7) Briar Rose (Modern Wicked Fairy Tales Book 7)
Briar Rose (Modern Wicked Fairy Tales Book 7) Briar Rose (Modern Wicked Fairy Tales Book 7)
Briar Rose (Modern Wicked Fairy Tales Book 7) Briar Rose (Modern Wicked Fairy Tales Book 7)
Briar Rose (Modern Wicked Fairy Tales Book 7) Briar Rose (Modern Wicked Fairy Tales Book 7)
Briar Rose (Modern Wicked Fairy Tales Book 7) Briar Rose (Modern Wicked Fairy Tales Book 7)

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