Biker Billionaire #1: A Wild Ride

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Finally, the window slid open again. The uniformed guard leaned out, handing me my ID back with an impassive expression. Roja is expecting you. Just park out front. As the mammoth wrought iron gates smoothly slid open, I put my car into gear and eased up the long, winding asphalt drive that led to a massive Mediterranean style home perched on the edge of a big hill, dominating the red stone landscape.

The nervous clench of my stomach increased. I was pretty active and tried not to pig out too much, but my body held onto those extra thirty pounds like my life depended on it. No amount of dieting seemed to make a difference. Thankfully, most of that weight was distributed between my breasts and ass. My heart is empty, and my existence Jamie knew she couldn't pretend she'd ever be okay without Chase in her life. She'd tried it, and it was ripping It is best to read this after the Big Girls Do It books to avoid major spoilers.

Chase Delany is a rock star. Rock stars are expected to rock hard onstage and party even harder offstage. Chase is living up to those expectations, and then some. He leaves Detective Carson Hale knows Leila is hiding something from him. He's in the hospital after a strange and inexplicable attack destroys his favorite bar, the Old Shillelagh. The Preacher's Son 3: Unbroken. Tre was proving to be far more than a distraction. Oh, my lord. When I first met him in little Yazoo City, Mississippi, I thought he was a hot guy who could give me a good time for a day or two.

I'm discovering now how very wrong I was. The question is, will my past, and the man from it, allow me the luxury of choosing? Wild Ride. The night I met Shane Sorrenson started off as the worst one of my life. I had just broken up with my fiance, John, after a huge fight.

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I decided I would rather walk home in the rain than drive with him another minute. Then Shane pulled up next to me on his Harley. He was huge, sexy and dangerous. Everything I'd never even dared Chase went to New York It was only one night, one delicious, sinful night, but it awakened something within me, and now, with him gone, I have no one to satiate my sudden, ferocious hunger. Then I woke up one day and looked at someone near and dear to me in a whole new light. And my world was rocked once again. I'm going. Going to New York City to be with gorgeous, mysterious, rockstar Chase Delany seemed like a crazy dream, a fantasy come true.

The bright lights and music, and his tight, sexy leather pants called to me Chase might want more and I just might give it to him, if I could only forget what I started with Jeff back Forbidden Fruit: Preacher's Son Omnibus. I fled New York with my heart breaking and a million questions.

Foremost in my mind was whether Jeff would even see me after the colossal mess that New York turned out to be. I discovered the answer, but that only spawned even more questions, many of the yes or no variety Jack and Djinn: The Houri Legends. She simply will not and cannot withstand another insult, another drunken rage, another blow.

But she has nowhere to go, no one to help her. I had a thesis. I had an apartment. The one thing I didn't have was time for a man. Especially not one as sexy and intriguing and distracting as Ian Stirling.

Biker Billionaire #1

Omega Alpha Book 3. This isn't a fairy tale. Not everyone will get a happily ever after. Sometimes we can't just walk away from the past. Love doesn't always save the day. The beast won't always get his beauty. But maybe, just maybe we can get our happy ending. Caught in the Surf. Lani woke up one morning hungover, heartbroken, and stranded in a tropical paradise. She missed her plane and ran out of luck… and then she met Casey. Who happened to be a pilot with an airplane…not to mention tall, handsome, and exactly what she needs.

Even though the last thing she planned on was getting naked in the Exposed A Madame X Novel. My name is Madame X. My life is not my own. But it could be Everything Madame X has ever known is contained within the four walls of the penthouse owned by her lover—the man who controls her every move and desire.

My past is locked away.

Book reviews for those in love, looking for love, or bent on finding the next book boyfriend.

My present The first time it happened, it seemed like an impossible miracle. There was no hope, no money in my account, no work to be found. Exiled A Madame X Novel. My heart is torn in two. And now I have to choose Caleb is everything to her: lover, caretaker, the man who gave her life meaning when she had none.

But as she seeks the truth about herself and She was my first love, the girl who made me want to be better than my past, better than the blood and violence. It should have been me, that day. But it The Preacher's Son 3 Book Series. From Book 1: I showed up in backwater little Yazoo City Mississippi expecting to find solitude and a fresh start.

I ended up in the arms of an oh so sexy man You Can Do It: Health, wellness, and weight loss for those who have tried everything else.

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No gimmicks, no counting, no measuring, just practical advice on how to eat better, get moving, and live well, delivered with refreshing honesty and humor. Do you want to start a journey to health and Harris: Alpha One Security: Book 1. Nicholas Harris is a professional badass.

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Ex-Army Ranger, former personal security for the one and only Valentine Roth, mercenary, assassin, pilot, and my lover. After Roth and Kyrie holed up in their island fortress estate in the Caribbean, Nick started a private security contracting company: Alpha One Security. He hired the best of the Thresh: Alpha One Security: Book 2.

Just the name suggests power, dominance, danger Oh man. Larger than life, exuding raw power. But I have walls that no man, no matter how big he is, has ever been able to break through. Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, right? What I got? The worst. Well, I went with Shane. But it was the ride of a lifetime. The things we did on his private jet It turned out, however, that I'd gotten myself into way more than I'd bargained for. I didn't even know he had a private jet, for starters.

There's quite a lot I don't know about Shane Sorrenson, I discovered. I find Biker Billionaire 3: Riding The Heir. I jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire, it seems. I had a feeling there were some things about himself Shane Sorrenson was keeping from me. I mean, I knew his family was wealthy, but it turns out he is too. And now I've found my life, both day and night, becoming far more than I'd ever imagined it could be. Along the way, I've Biker Billionaire 1: A Wild Ride. The Black Room: Door One. Once you enter, anything goes.

No fantasy--however dark and dirty and depraved it may be--is forbidden. You have no past, no inhibitions, no morals All you have to cling to is the memory of a scorching touch, a searing kiss, the wet slide of skin on skin, and the heat of breath across your flesh. Step forward Turn the The Black Room: Door Three.

No fantasy—however dark and dirty and depraved it may be—is forbidden. You have no past, no inhibitions, no morals…and no memory. Step forward…Turn The Black Room: Door Five. Step forward… The Black Room: Door Two. The Black Room: Door Seven. All you have to cling to is the memory of a scorching touch, a searing kiss, the wet slide of skin The Black Room: Door Four. Samantha watched the young women zero in on the bulge behind the fly of his well-worn jeans before they dissolved into a fit of titillated giggles. The lecherous cad. With a roll of her eyes, she turned back to her drink.

The redheaded bartender, the namesake of the place, had made it extra dirty. Just the way Samantha liked it. She slid an olive off a blue cocktail sword and popped it into her mouth.

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While chewing, she studiously avoided eye contact with the bearded old biker at the end of the bar who kept waggling his bushy eyebrows at her, smiling to reveal tobacco-stained teeth. The crack of pool balls could be heard over the clinking of glasses and the music coming from the jukebox parked by the front door. There was denim and leather as far as the eye could see. All of this Samantha noted as an aside. Because even though she was no longer looking directly at him, her focus remained on the man and the journey he made toward the bar.

If she could just get a couple of minutes alone with him, she might get him to answer a few questions. Then she could write the damn article—Correction! Damn puff piece—her editor had assigned her. It should have been a piece of cake. Trouble was, nobody at the custom motorcycle shop known as Black Knights Inc.

Biker Billionaire #1: A Wild Ride Biker Billionaire #1: A Wild Ride
Biker Billionaire #1: A Wild Ride Biker Billionaire #1: A Wild Ride
Biker Billionaire #1: A Wild Ride Biker Billionaire #1: A Wild Ride
Biker Billionaire #1: A Wild Ride Biker Billionaire #1: A Wild Ride
Biker Billionaire #1: A Wild Ride Biker Billionaire #1: A Wild Ride
Biker Billionaire #1: A Wild Ride Biker Billionaire #1: A Wild Ride

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